Let’s dance,
be inspired,
and explore art:
Soham Dance Space

Dear friends of Soham,

Soham Dance Space is six years old this week, and to celebrate this milestone we are unveiling a beautiful new website today! Every year we have made significant strides toward the big Soham vision, and this is another bold step to make our work inviting, inspiring, and fun for all who participate.

The early years of this creative venture have been spent stumbling over how best to articulate and bring into reality what I so viscerally understand and passionately believe is the value of an arts community, creative education, and intelligent performance. Through countless conversations with the dynamic JinJa Birkenbeuel of Birkdesign Inc. and the exemplary work of her team, we have put together a fresh brand message, which gets to the heart of what Soham Dance Space is all about.

Peruse our new website to learn more about upcoming events and plans for the coming year. And share your impressions down below in the comments section! It’s been an amazingly productive six years, and the momentum taking us forward is palpable. I am so excited and determined to continue the inspiring work of Soham Dance Space. Thank you always for being a part of this journey!