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Anjal Chande / The Soham Dance Project

Anjal Chande / The Soham Dance Project is a contemporary bharatanatyam dance company that produces works that showcase a personal, accessible, and relevant voice in the contemporary Indian dance movement. Described by Time Out Chicago as “arrestingly poetic” and “breaking out of the box of ethnic dance,” the company was born out of the artistic vision and direction of Anjal Chande.

Chande is a bold innovator who speaks her mind through contemporary bharatanatyam dance. Rather than conforming to the traditional narrow definitions of the dance form or boxing its presentation into an ethnic framework, Anjal creates, innovates, and celebrates bharatanatyam as a welcoming and versatile art form.

In the Indian dance scene, where exploration and autonomy within the art form are often discouraged, where there are many practitioners who reproduce standard items with great mastery, but there are very few creators, Anjal Chande / The Soham Dance Project sets an example for bharatanatyam dancers to find their own voice and create original work.