This Is How I Feel Today
This Is How I Feel Today is a contemporary bharatanatyam work that acknowledges, reflects on, and viscerally feels the nuances of each day. Currently in development, the evening-length work investigates several questions: What does it mean to observe our thoughts and emotions? What happens when we mask them or when we express them? When we embrace our feelings, can we be enlivened by them? What does it mean to feel alive? In This Is How I Feel Today, Anjal Chande assembles a mosaic of introspective text, eclectic music, and expressive movement to explore these questions. For booking information, email

Race debuted at Carnegie Mellon University and is a piece that explores race in the United States from the perspective of a brown woman operating in an often black-white race binary.

Just Politics
In Just Politics, Anjal Chande articulates the confusion and fear of millions in the wake of the United States’ 2016 presidential election. She wrestles with why and how to engage others in dialogue within a polarized sociopolitical landscape. Through meditative movement and evocative expression, Just Politics captures the uncertainty felt by many as the world grapples with the realities of this event, calling on us to resist the normalization of hate and summon compassion for all. The piece’s original score features the words of Chande and Masha Gessen, a Russian and American journalist, against a backdrop of Chande’s signature tonal vocals.

Out of the Shadows, A Colored Solidarity
Out of the Shadows, A Colored Solidarity tells the story of intersecting social movements in India and the United States through the lens of Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay’s activism. The piece is informed by the work of Professor Nico Slate of Carnegie Mellon University, who consulted during the creation of the piece. Currently in development, the first iteration premiered at CrossLines: A Culture Lab on Intersectionality, Washington, D.C., May 28-29, 2016. For booking information, email

Pay No Mind
Pay No Mind is an introspective exploration of conformity and rebellion, with original choreography, musical composition, and prose by Anjal Chande. The trio of dancers, Anjal Chande, Savitha Chelladurai, and Rasika Ranganathan, perform a uniquely personal interpretation of bharatanatyam vocabulary. The original score is the result of collaboration between lead composer Anjal Chande, guitarist Jesse Hunter, and percussionist Karl Olson. For booking information, email

Abode of Solitude
Created on the occasion of Shivaratri, this piece is a personal prayer and contemplation of Lord Shiva, an inquiry as to how we and our source are one and the same. Chande considers how Shiva is considered both the king of dance and master of meditation, and through her personal inquiry, she finds the connection between the two in solitude.